The Best Shopping Districts in Dublin

Shopping Centre Dublin Ireland

Dublin’s shopping districts are among the most sophisticated, and expensive, in Europe.

Dublin ranks in the top 20 European locations to shop til you drop. Here are some of the best shopping centers in Dublin, based on the views of local Dublin people.


Aobhinn Maddock

Lives in Malahide and tells us her favorite place to shop in Dublin:

best shopping centers Dublin“I get my coffee in Ahhnot’s (Arnott’s) and this morning, the girl at the till, well, she didn’t smile at me. I mean, is it sew difficalt to smile while I am getting my skinny, double-shot, green machiatew at 7 in the morning before I gew to work. Like, is it that haaad to smile?”



Pat O’Toole

In what he thinks are his best Sunday clothes leaves his farm for the day and decides to go to Dublin:

best shopping centers in Dublin, Dublin shopping“De furst time in me life, I went to Dublin city center, becuz ya know, we are busy people mindin’ arr business on the suburbs, and den I see dis aul shop called ‘Carousel’. Now, if ye ask me, Carousel is one of dem spinny tings at a fun fair that have hersies (horses) goin’ roun-n-roun.  So why woudja have a fekin vintige (vintage) shop called Carousel? So I walk in and take a gawk. And they sellin’ these vintige caps and hats. What’s vintige anyway? I can go in me grandpa’s house and get me an ole cap of his and pu’ i’ on me ead an’ call i’ vintige  It’s beyond me, so it is.”


Fionnula Sheila

Goes to Brown Thomas on Grafton Street after Sunday Mass. She is dressed very well and could be mistaken for Mrs. Brown:

Brown Thomas Dublin, best shopping districts Dublin“Why it’s a disgrace to see all those young, oompa-loompas working in that expensive store. On a Sunday? Back in my day, if you missed Mass, by God were you punished an’ sayin’ the rosary for the entire week. Speakin’ of Mass, I saw how much Betty put in the money basket, with me own eyes. She’s still livin’ off her communion money. Won’t spend a cent on the Church. Absolute disgrace, the youth of today, though. So I walk into Brown Thomas, I say hello to the man with the top-hat at the front door, what a lovely aul chap, so friendly, and smiles at ye, but by Jayzuz he must be freezin’ out there openin’ doors all the time. Well, anywayz, come ‘ere til I tell ye, I walk in, and pretend to be sniffin’ about those perfumes, Gucci and Chanel. Might as well be back on the Shannon Channel. All these fancy French names. And then I go to the bag section. Michael sometin’ it’s called. Michael Course? Can’t remember for the life of me. And OH MY GOD, the price tag on them bags. Sure, could save this whole country’s churches with them bags. I almost passed out on the floor right there. This clown-faced girl comes up to me from the MAC section. I craved a mac-n-cheese sandwich right there, or a scone and a hot cup of tae. The clown girl drags me to a seat with fancy brushes and that sort, and wants to do me makeup. I says ok, and I sit and I fidget and she talks non-stop. Then when she hands me the mirror, her ‘work-of-art’ she says to me, is complete. I look, horrified. I had turned into that very clown! Purple lipstick? By God, who wears purple lipstick? What if Betty walked in and saw me? I ran out of there as quick as I could. Never going back there in me life again. I’ll hop down to Spar for me tae, milk and Rich Tea bi-kchies, thank you very much.”

Buster ‘Fingers’ Murphy

Likes a drink and somehow gets by on social welfare. You often see him on O’Connell bridge begging the gullible tourists and holding a rabbit in his hand, feeding him a carrot:

grafton street Dublin, most expensive shopping centers Dublin“The best shops in Dublin? Eh, (scratches his head), ya mean like de fancy ones? Well, Jervis Shopping Center, in der I get me pancakes and waffles at Gino’s since they look me up and down and feel sorry for me, I shneak some lunch from Marks and Spencers or Tesco in der, or grab a t-shirt on the way out from Jack and Jones since the lads never never pay attention, always on der phones. I steal some earrings for me gurlfriend from New Look, y’know, gotta keep the missus happy. Or sometimes I go up ta St. Stephen’s Green, free bread in Dunnes Stores, der for the homeless, or some, some sweets for me sweet tooth at der Pick-n-Mix. Now, der’s dis beau-y-ful place called Powerscourt Townhouse Center,  but no way am I allowed in dat place. Way too fancy. Last time I tried, they kicked me ou’. I told ‘em I just wanted ta look at der Arts and Crafts, and Irish, French antiques. Told me to ge’ de hell ou’. So here, I am, wi’ me rabbit. No one wants me. Dublin is too fancy fur me. Have ye go’ any spare change on ya? Only to get me rabbit some carrots, like. And maybe a packe’ uv Tay-o fur me to chew on while I walk the most expensive streets in Europe, Grafton Street.”

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