Capel Street To Be Renamed Little Paulista In Celebration Of Brazilian Community

Capel Street To Be Renamed Little Paulista

In celebration and honour of the local Brazilian expatriate community in Dublin, the Mayor of Dublin City Council, Alison Gillian-Anderson today announced that Capel Street will be renamed in their honour. Capel Street has long been a colourful city centre location featuring small Brazilian themed food shops, as well as a number of bars popular with the Brazilian LGBTQI++++ community. But the honour bestowed upon Capel Street stems from Dublin’s thanks to the Brazilian community for doing all the little things that have helped Dublin get through the Pandemic.

Mayor Alison Gillian-Anderson was quoted as saying: “Now that I’ve run out of places to build bicycle paths that converge into busy intersections, and now that the council has finally started properly supporting outdoor hospitality, I realised a special segment of our community was going unrewarded. Today Capel Street will be renamed Little Paulista in thanks to all the local Brazilians in Dublin getting paid feck all to do the Jobs we don’t want to do.

It was clear from Alison’s press conference that there were significant concerns that local Dublin service industries might have completely evaporated during the 10 month lockdown had it not been for expats prepared to work for bottom dollar.

Deliveroo CEO, Rohan Pratatoe and SPAR CEO, Brett Wallop Bottum were both present at the press conference and added their support championing the Council’s initiative.

Rumours immediately spread of the possibility of a full blown Carnival event to be held in conjunction with the Little Paulista renaming ceremony, but these were quashed quickly by a spokesperson for the Dublin City Council, saying, “While I appreciate that at least the Brazilians would likely clean up after themselves, that sort of alcohol fuelled mayhem and debauchery is reserved for St Patrick’s day, alone.

Capel Street is set to be officially renamed to Little Paulista on September 2nd 2021.