The Best Comedy Venues In Dublin

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Dublin’s Favourite Comedy Venues

The Irish are synonymous with great humour. There’s nothing like having the ‘Craic’. As result Dublin’s has many fine comedy institutions, venues and establishments scattered around town. From smaller venues to larger theatres, Dublin audiences love to find a good laugh in every nook and cranny. Here you’ll find our favourite picks for the best comedy venues in Dublin.

But if you’re from out of town, or don’t get out much, it’s important to get your head around the local vocabulary before joining the locals for a night of laughs. Make sure you hit the best comedy clubs in Dublin, after you familiarise yourself with some of Dublin’s most common slang phrases.

It’s bleedin banjaxed” : something that is irreparable.

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“The aul one” : referring to an elderly person.

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“She went scarlet, so she did” : she was very embarrassed.

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C’mere til I tell ya” : I have some gossip for you.

I’m bloody knackered” : I am exhausted, go away.

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“That fella will be late for his own funeral” : he is always late, or slow.

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Thick as brick / plank“: plain stupid.

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“I’m gonna go on a rant about this” : I will talk non-stop about something I feel very strongly about and also because I love the sound of my own voice.

“A bag of bollix” : all nonsense or a bag of crap.

“He arsed his way through life” : he did nothing with his life.

Rebel Dublin’s Favourite Hot Spots For Great Laughs

Now that you have warmed up a little to the Irish humor and slang, we are confident you are ready to enter the crazy comedy lounges in Dublin. No one will judge you for laughing at the wrong times.

Anseo on Camden Street

Anseo hosts laugh-out-loud gigs every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. Pay 5 quid at the door and you’re in. With other 14 beers to choose from and a good aul laugh, everyone leaves this place in tears.

The Comedy Crunch in the Stagg’s Head Dublin 

Crunchy laughs? The Comedy Crunch is a great mid-week night out, with hilarious comedian acts, many tourists and the ideal place to find yourself laughing in stitches.

The Laughter Lounge

The laughter lounge (no the name doesn’t give it away at all) is a little more expensive, but so worth the laugh. Laughter is medicine and the best cure to all life’s ailments. Some of Dublin’s funniest comedians perform here from Thursday to Saturday.

The International Comedy Bar

The International Comedy Bar was taken over by the O’Donohoe family in the 1880s and remains one of Dublin’s oldest pubs. It is a place where politicians, musicians, poets, artists and comedians gathered together, from Paddy Kavanagh, Brendan Behan, Tommy Tiernan, Barry Murphy to Michael Collins. James Joyce even mentions the traditional ‘Ruggy O’Donohoe’, the former name of The International Comedy Bar, in his novel Ulysses. The bar is over 200 years old and holds a mystic prestige to it with its Victorian style, and where carvings of Irish river gods reside. Oak barrels, porter, wine, whiskey and beer. Cheers to that!

The Ha’Penny Bridge Inn holds comedy and music shows and gigs. Located along the River Liffey,  and close to the hustle and bustle of Temple Bar. Over the past 20 years many comedians practiced on the stages of Ha’Panny Bridge Inn and made it big today. After a long walk along the Liffey, pop in for some Guiness and Tayto.

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