7 Deadly Spots For Halloween 2017 In Dublin

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Are you easily scared? Well, beware…Halloween is creeping up on us slowly and quietly and before you know it, it’s gonna get dark, the candles are gonna be blown off and the spooky spirits of the un-dead are gonna sneak into your home….BOOO! MWAH HA HA HA

If you’ve been too lazy to plan your Halloween better get round to it, tickets are disappearing fast and you don’t want to miss out on all the fun!

We’ve put a list of 7 deadly spots where scary-ass terrifying events will be held, if you can’t take it, better stay at home, they will unquestionably scare the crap out of ya, you are in for a trick!

1. The Nightmare Realm

This horrifying event is back with a bang! The organisers are promising to prey on your innermost fears and transform them into a deadly reality. This is literally going to give you nightmares and won’t let you sleep for weeks! If you are after evil-looking clowns, who like to play with chainsaws, and blood-chilling criminal zombies lurking in the shadows then you need to grab your tickets, fast.

Check out all the main info here → www.thenightmarerealm.ie/dublin

2. Film Fatale Danse Macabre

Glamour meets the Horror, this vintage-themed party will make you dance like a devil. Get your fancy / creepy frock out of the closet, prepare your best dance moves and be ready for the night of a haunted cirque du freak. Held at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Film Fatale Danse Macabre will ‘dazzle’ you with the blood-soaked burlesque, beautiful and the damned performers, devilish yet glamorous dancers and gothic goddesses. You’ll be dragged into the world of the vamps, the masqueraders and the ghosts of Weimar.

More info about the event is here → www.totallydublin.ie/events/film-fatales-danse-macabre/

3. Al Porter’s Camp Dracula

Are you up for a laugh? Al Porter’s impersonation of the King of Blood is going to have you in stitches, you’re going to laugh and cry at the same time, it’s hilariously freaking good! Book your tickets before they’re sold out, Al is getting lots of rave reviews and his gigs are attracting massive crowds → www.bramstokerfestival.com/event/al-porters-camp-dracula/

4. Day of The Dead Festival

Mixture of music, fancy-dress, mystery and art. With its secret location, the wizards, the mystics, the madmen and the immersive art installations, this Halloween Festival is perfect for all kinds of music lovers who crave the unexpected. Lined up with local and international artists and performers, day of the dead festival doesn’t let out too many details as they will be unveiled only on THE day. Prepare to be amazed, surprised and bedazzled.

More info, or no info is found here → www.dayofthedead.ie

5. The Bram Stoker Festival

Back again! The Bram Stoker Festival is a must-see for any Halloween ardent fans. Held every year at the end of October, the festival encompasses 4 days of Halloween exhilarating magic. Filled with family-friendly events during the day, the Bram Stoker Festival will be the host of deadly adventures, horror-themed, eerie screenings and blood-tingling parties at night. Get your fangs out, release your inner devilish side and enjoy the events filled with intoxicating fun. Don’t miss out on the horrifically beautiful Macnas Parade in Dublin’s northside on the 30th of October where the macabre, profane and magical creatures will come to life.

More info about the festival can be found here → www.bramstokerfestival.com


6. Game of Thrones Halloween is Coming Party

For all the Game of Thrones Fans out there, there is something special this Halloween. Head off to The Back Page in Phibsborough for a night to remember! If you want to go past the wall the pass is totally FREE. You are in for a treat, an event filled with Game of Throne themed drinking games (yep, they’re going to even have a Brewtonic Game of Thrones beer), DJ, quiz & prizes for THE best costume (might be you!). Just an idea, if you have this one friend that can’t shut up talking constantly about Game of Thrones and you ran out of ideas how to ditch him on the night, get him a costume, push him past the wall, and run off to a REAL Halloween party, just saying 😉

More info on facebook → www.facebook.com/events/116432855656544/

7. Lighthouse Cinema & IFI

If none of these options seem particularly appealing to you, how about going to the Lighthouse Cinema or IFI for a spooky screening? Pick a horror classic at the Lighthouse or enjoy the thrills of a new release in IFI during the IFI Horrorthon. Maybe ‘Tragedy Girls’ by Tyler McIntyre, the director of Patchwork, about two girls who decide to commit murders to increase their social following or ‘Game of Death’ following the story of 7 friends who play a board game that forces them to kill 24 people to save their own lives? Check out the whole programme below.

Lighthouse Cinema → www.lighthousecinema.ie/coming-soon

IFI Horrorthon → www.ifi.ie/ifi-horrorthon-2017-first-films-announced/



In case you are wondering what’s on in other parts of Ireland, check out our infographic.


Happy Halloween!!


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