The Best Asian Restaurants in Dublin


Hungry for Asian food? I’m not talking about the fancy type, I mean real, authentic Asian grub that doesn’t cost you arm and a leg and transports you into the hustle and bustle of busy Asian streets filled with aromatic scent of Asian spices and flavoursome Asian cuisine. As you might have already guessed, I’m totally addicted to Asian food. I’ve been pretty much to every Asian restaurant in Dublin and I’ve compiled a list of my ultimate top 7 authentic Asian spots. If you like Asian cuisine, I bet you won’t be disappointed. Are you ready to take your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride? Let’s have a look at mouth-watering food these places have to offer, I’m hungry already 😉


Bubble_TeaThis little and quaint local Asian eatery is conveniently tucked away on Fade Street and boasts authenticity. The owner comes from Hong Kong and the food quality is top notch. Black and white posters hanging on the walls and bird cage lamps remind me of the holidays I spent in this amazing city and give you that old-fashioned Hong Kong feel. The food is scrumptious and it’s a relatively good deal. You can get regular roast meat deal with duck spring rolls and a drink for €13.50 plus an apple after your meal for free! The vibe is friendly and inviting. If you have vegetarian friends, this place wouldn’t be the best option though. I can see some tourists coming in and as soon as they look at hanging roasted ducks they turn around and leave, they have no idea what they are missing out on! Roasted Duck is succulent and delish, you know you are in for a treat. If you want a bit of a change you can go for crispy pork belly or cantonese soy chicken instead. is a winner, with lots of flavour and invigorating personality. Don’t forget about the bubble tea, and whatever you do don’t order it hot, it’s best served with ice cubes and traditional tapioca pearls, so refreshing!

What to try:  Roast Meat Deal which includes traditional roast duck, boiled rice or noodles and asian veggies + duck spring rolls and bubble tea.

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Mostly known for Karoke, King 7 has some amazing deals when it comes to Asian grub. I went there with a couple of friends and we each ordered a hot pot and few additional dishes to share, sushi, chinese dumplings and fried noodles. The best thing about this place is that it’s all you can eat heaven for €18 euro and let me tell you, it’s all worth it! The hot pot had delectable and rich taste and everything we ordered as a side dish was fresh and full of satisfying Asian flavours. Truly authentic, it’s a feast fit for a king. It’s still hard to believe that you pay €18 euro and you can order as many dishes from the menu as you wish, great for get-togethers with friends or for family days out. Located on Capel street, it’s bang in the centre so no one is going to moan that it’s too far out, it’s just a short walk from Temple Bar so you can go for a pint later, if there is still some space left in your stomach, which might be a bit of a challenge.

What to try → All you can eat deal for €18 so that you can order anything and as much as you want, including hot pot.

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Aaah dim sum, my all-time favourite Asian food. Some would say it’s Asian tapas, you get served small dishes to share and chinese tea on tap. Dim Sum is a Cantonese Cuisine staple and a must-try if you’ve never had it before. Traditionally, Cantonese dim sum is only served at breakfast time in Hong Kong but in Good World you can get it even in the afternoon. Dim sum is always a treat for me, anything that I’ve tried I absolutely adored (apart from chicken feet, I tried them once and yeah..not my cup of tea). Good World has a truly Cantonese vibe, with quick, efficient service (some might think that the waiters seem slightly bit rude but it’s just a cultural thing and a truly Hong Kong feel, they are used to serving the food fast while avoiding unnecessary chit-chat so don’t take it personally). Good World can sit up to 9 people at a big round table, it’s a perfect place for families and large group of friends. This is a brilliant spot to try some authentic Asian cuisine. You can’t go wrong with dim sum and you should definitely try some traditional desserts while you’re there. They serve cantonese egg tarts (dan tat) that resemble Portuguese pastel de nata but are million times better.

What to try → my favourites are shrimp dumplings (har gow), pork and shrimp siu mai, rice rolls (cheung fun) and steamed sticky rice (lo mai gai). Dim Sum is by far my ultimate Asian food crush.

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Korean – Japanese restaurant & pub combo was my favourite Asian eatery when I discovered my passion for Asian cuisine. There was a time when I was eating out there at least once a week, no kidding. The atmosphere is inviting and friendly and the food delectable with an agreeably biting spicy flavour. For those who are unfamiliar with the number one Korean staple, it’s pickled cabbage mixed with chilli paste, aka kimchi, hence the name of the place. It could be an acquired taste for some (I had to try it three times before I was blown away) and apparently if you’re a woman in Korea and wish to get married, you need to master the art of homemade kimchi to be considered a catch, it’s like a national religion. Well, I can tell you that I’m totally sold, I could add kimchi to almost any dish. My favourite starter would be kimchi pancakes (no surprise here), they are spicy, savoury and have that ‘’umami’’ feel that will leave you hungry for more. For mains I usually order Bulgogi, which is thin sliced beef with Korean seasoning, not really spicy but full of lip-smacking and gorgeous Korean aromatic ingredients. What is even more fun about this place is that it is literally a restaurant and a pub, so you can order a pint or go for Korean traditional alcohol, i.e. soju, if that’s your thing! You can also enjoy a beer garden in the summer, there is nothing better than sitting outside with a group of friends, drinking beer and noshing on some gorgeous, finger-licking Asian starters.

What to try → kimchi pancakes, bulgogi, jeyuk, bibimbap, soy potato roll

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Pho Ta is my favourite vietnamese restaurant in Dublin, located in Temple Bar, just a short stroll from the main tourist attractions and pubs. It’s a perfect surrounding for an intimate date, with fresh, energising flavours, dim lights, quiet and friendly atmosphere. I always come here if I crave a belly hug noodle soup (pho bo), especially on cold evenings when you need that additional boost. The broth’s flavour has alluring depth and fantabulous smell while the meat is tender and juicy. The portions are very generous and satisfying. You can get an array of traditional vietnamese staples here ranging from rice vermicelli dishes (bun bo) to noodle soups (pho bo) and traditional vietnamese baguette (banh mi). The food is soothing, refreshing and balmy, you won’t be disappointed.

What to try → noodle soups (pho bo), fried crab spring rolls (nem thit cua), summer rolls (goi cuon), rice vermicelli (bun dishes) and baguettes (banh mi).

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This is a truly hidden gem that not many locals know about. The restaurant is hidden behind a Korean supermarket so make sure to venture into this unfamiliar territory if you are in the neighbourhood. It’s very close to the centre, located on Great Strand Street, close to Liffey River and it’s a rave among the Asian community in Dublin (I initially heard about the place from my Taiwanese friends) so you know that the flavours are as authentic as possible. Apart from being heavenly delicious, the place is ridiculously cheap, I had a kimchi fried rice for just €6.50. I believe all of the dishes are under €10 euro so if you crave traditional Asian grub you definitely need to check out this place, plus you have unlimited access to miso soup, is this a heaven or what? Han Sung has a local Asian feel to it, you won’t be able to admire fancy interiors but that’s not why I go there, the most enticing thing about this place is the affordable authentic Asian food that is hard to beat by any fancy restaurant, you’ll definitely be coming back for more!

What to try → kimchi fried rice, bibimbap, bulgogi, korean jjigae

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Another Korean restaurant & pub combo. First of all, the name sounds really cool and the food is absolutely divine. Be prepared for a medley of fiery, tangy and hot flavours tantialising your taste buds, you know, the type of food that makes you lick your lips in anticipation. We ordered a spicy Korean seafood hot pot and it was a bliss. If you’re not much into spicy food no panic, Drunken Fish has lots of mild Korean dishes on offer too. You can try Korean Japchae noodles, Korean seafood pancake (Haemul Pajeon) or Korean Bulgogi. It’s reasonably priced plus it has a huge selection of Korean cocktails and beer on tap that can complement your meal and make that night that much more special and fun. Drunken Fish is a glorious mix of charming interiors, helpful staff and intense Korean flavours. You are bound to have an amazing time here.

What to try → kimchi mandu, bulgogi, jeyuk, spicy seafood hot pot, korean japchae, bibimbap

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