The Best & Worst Fecking Coffee In Dublin

Best Coffee and Cafes In Dublin - Where to get great coffee in Dublin

…Any country that primarily drinks cups of tea, and enjoys a nice buttery scone, can have a tendency to purvey horrible coffee. Outlandish overstatements aside, Ireland’s largest independent cafe franchise-chain ‘Insomnia‘ is testament to the world’s worst fecking coffee.

If you like burnt milk soup and the taste of irradiated or incinerated coffee beans, then look no further than any of the countless Insomnia cafes around the emerald isle. Otherwise read on to discover some vibrant establishments making great headway in the land of flavour!


Bear Market Coffee Company.

Blackrock, south Dublin, and the IFSC central Dublin.

Started by two ex-architects, Bear Market Coffer Co is located in both Blackrock and the IFSC. Apparently a ‘bear market‘ is a market in which share prices are falling, encouraging selling. Despite this Bear Market Coffee Co. is on the pricey side. And apparently or more accurately you could compare such a ‘bear market‘ to what happened to Ireland’s property industry during the last financial crisis. And without a property industry, architects in Ireland are better off making coffee. Why? Because the coffee coming out of the Bear Market’s IFSC cafe, near George’s dock, is consistently brilliant. Possibly the very best cappuccino in town. A nice selection of treats and sandwiches are also on offer.

Brother Hubbard

Harrington Street (Dublin South) and Capel Street (Dublin North)

Now that the ‘Hipster‘ thing is ready to be superseded by the next ridiculous passing fad, we can finally talk about Brother Hubbard’s amazing menu, friendly-bearded service and excellent coffee. Brunch at Brother Hubbard is a must. Make sure you oil your beard, or at least rip the knees out of your favourite black jeans before jumping on this bandwagon. Brother Hubbard is all kinds of delicious. Honestly, I just wish I could grow a beard and be a ‘scenester‘.

Bittersweet Cafe.

3 Lord Edward Street, Dublin D2

Located just down the hill from Christchurch Cathedral & up the hill from Temple Bar, Bittersweet is the perfect pit stop on a tourist trail. Bittersweet offers not just great coffee, but excellent homemade sandwiches, salads, and treats. Bittersweet is run by a devoted Polish couple who are doing a fabulous job, serving coffee aficionados, and fending off local knackers.

The Good Food Store.

24 South Great George’s Street, Dublin D2

Where to find great Coffee in DublinThe Good Food Store offers an impressive food selection for a quick and healthy lunch. Breakfast is also great here. Their coffee is top notch too. Service is impeccable, and possibly beyond what some of the ruder, pickier & finicky customers deserve. Why? It’s just a sandwich. Anyone who feels obliged to stand over a sambo being made, saying ‘that’s too much‘ or ‘not enough‘ of anything is a jerk. The store also features over-priced, esoteric condiments and fancy homewares you might consider buying if you won the lottery.

The Natural Bakery.

Multiple locations around Dublin.

The Natural Bakery offers a great selection of breads and bakery products with an emphasis on quality, and natural ingredients. Keen on a loaf of spelt sourdough? Well it’s worth a shot, as they mill their own flour, and make some damn fine ‘loafyness‘ (Yes, that should be a word). Be careful though, because the selection of sweets, donuts, and treats is very dangerous. A cappuccino with real chocolate flakes on top isn’t the cheapest around town but it sure is delicious. Unfortunately the Natural Bakery loses a few points for having staff that seem to either hate life, or the way the business is run. It’s hard not to miss for regulars.

Any recommendations or suggestions? Love a great cafe? Let us know…