The Ultimate Dublin Pub Crawl – The Camden Mile


If you want theatre, you’ve got Broadway. If you want to shop, it’s Oxford Street. If you want pubs & clubs, it’s got to be the Camden Mile. Within a city famed for its pubs, this strip hosts some of the best drinking spots in Dublin. Our journey begins at Portobello Bridge and ends at the bottom of George Street. So let’s stumble into each and every one of the 23 pubs that make up the Camden mile.

The Portobelloportobello hotel dublin_camden_mile

Friendly staff, good food and €4 drinks make this place a great bar.  It’s also not bad for a match with a screen in every corner. Come night time though, the place can seem a little lifeless. 

If you’re after a Grab a Granny night, Rain Nightclub in the basement is a mecca for dirty ‘aul-wans.

J O ConnellsJ_0_Connells_Pub_Dublin_Camden_Mile

2 doors down you will find a red-fronted “aul-lad’s pub” with comfy snugs and creamy pints. This place is a gem. If you were from the flats this was your local along with the Lower Deck. Great for a quiet drink with a bit of life at the weekends. A pub where they still turn up the 6-one news for the locals. Inevitably, horrible hipsters have managed to sniff it out resulting in Eddie, the long-standing owner, introducing a range of craft beers. Just serve them Harp and tell them it’s retro-chic.

The Bernard Shaw

The original “shabby-chic” boozer that set the trend for pretty much every hipster joint that’s since opened in Dublin. The bodytonic crew nailed it when they took over Bambricks more than a decade ago. Scruffy, scribbled-on, junk-strewn and covered in graffiti. This is one Dublin’s seminal pubs with a top outdoor drinking area. Perhaps it suffers too much from it’s reputation as it can get a little packed at times. Love the art. Love the tunes. Love the vibe.bernard-shaw-pub-dublin_camden_mile

The Bleeding Horse

A beautiful old landmark building currently enjoying a new lease of life after becoming a little staid. A great spot for after work beers, watching a game or just watching the world go by through the big windows. You are guaranteed to draw jealous looks from the bus as as you sup a pint.bleeding-horse-pub-dublin_camden_mile


A bit hit and miss. Down the back of the pub can be dull and lifeless. Perhaps it’s the aul-lads watching golf or the racing. But if you can land yourself the window seat then it’s a top spot to have a few quiet beers and just watch the world go by.

A good spot for starting out on a session.

Depending on where you start, there’s a fantastic craft beer establishment near O’Connell Bridge with the same name!

The Camden Exchange

Certainly it’s a beautiful building with a great look and stylish decor. A big budget on the build and it’s marketing. Perhaps it’s trying a little too hard to be cool. A good spot for a date perhaps.camden-exchange-pub-dublin_camden_mile


On the other hand, this place just oozes cool. Always playing great tunes, it has a nice atmosphere to it & friendly staff. Ska, reggae, soul n’ stuff to keep your head nodding all night long. I could spend all night just reading the gig posters on the walls. Love it.anseo-pub-dublin_camden_mile


An “aul-lads pub”. But a great one. Good beer served promptly by good staff no matter how busy. A perfect pub for pre/post dinner drinks. It does a great pint of Guinness and in case you drink too many, the books on the shelf are not real. They are pictures.


If you are a bogger. This place is for you. If you are 21. This place is for you. If you like to freeze your tits off in a queue, this place if for you. I personally would prefer to spend the night in the portaloo the council place on the street outside it every Saturday night. (I admit I am just jealous and would love to go but the bouncers won’t let old farts like me in).


This “aul-lads pub” can be a bit hit and miss but is generally pretty good for a quiet drink. It gets quite lively at the weekends and is not bad for a beer before a gig. Despite the number of gig-goers sneaking in from Whelans to use the jax, this place still attracts a loyal following from the flats and hasn’t lost any of it’s local charm. You are guaranteed to find a load of slappers starting out on a hen-night here. 


One of the best spots in Dublin for music. The legendary live music venue out back is ticketed, however, there is always a top band playing in the front bar. And with the turf fire and creamy pints it’s one of Dublin better pubs. For rockers, punks and music lovers alike, Whelans Pub is a do NOT miss stop on your pub crawl.


Against the Grain

This place surprised me. Located on Britain Street, the rumour was that the building was jinxed. Bar after bar opened on this site and promptly closed. These guys were the first to do craft beers in Dublin and quickly built up a great reputation. Good food too.against-the-grain-pub-camden-street-dublin

The Jar

Solas is no longer, which is a pity, but it’s time had come. The Jar is the latest addition to the Camden Mile opening in late 2015 and has been growing on me ever since. It’s stylish decor resembles that of the Camden Exchange up the street. But unlike it’s neighbour, it doesn’t try to be cool. It just is. The pumping tunes attract friendly laid back folk and the food is tasty and good value. Oh, and did I mention there is a beer garden! Yessss!  the_jar_pub_dublin_camden_crawl


Karma Stonekarma-stone-pub-dublin

Located next door to the College and the flats. This place caters to students with cheap grub and lots of beer promotions. It lacks atmosphere at the best of times. Probably best avoided if you are not a student or over 21.

The Swan

What used to be a bit “dodgy” is now a nice little boozer. Creamy pints, a beautiful fronted pub and lots of cosy snugs. A good spot for a quiet beer or watching the world go by from its beer “garden” (seats on the street).swan-pub-1


If you like to be surrounded by orange gee-bags and don’t mind waiting half an hour to be served then this is for you. Tattooed twats twirling shakers for cocktails when all you want is a bottle of Heineken. If you’re not a twat, avoid.

The Long Hall

Possibly the nicest looking pub in Dublin. Or even The World. And one of the bestest nights out. It’s got everything. Creamy pints. Nice atmosphere. Comfy. And if you can land a window seat just watch the world go by. Rihanna drinks here. Bruce Springsteen drinks here. So should you.


Great for afternoon drinks, and a good spot if you can get a seat. But this venue does tend to get very crowded at night. Fade Street is a beautiful setting, and there’s plenty of classy nearby restaurants (eating is cheating on a pub crawl by the way!). So drinking outside area of the pub can at times be better than in it.


the-globe_pub_Dublin_Camden_CrawlThe Globe

Still one of the best nightspots in Dublin. Cool tunes. Cool vibe. Nuff said. If you know you’re going for an all-nighter, you can always rely on the Globe to open late, and to be friendly and pumping.

The George

Dublin’s original gay bar has been outshone by Panti Bar in recent years but still knows how to put on a great night. Always banging out good tunes and great for the drink promotions.