Top Things To Do In Dublin When It Rains

rainy day in dublin

How to deal with a day in Dublin when it’s raining so much you feel like your swimming.

It rains a lot in Dublin. It’s a fact. If Ireland had Australia’s weather – Ireland would win every single rugby match, there would be no orange fake tan at Coppers on a Friday night, and we’d know how to use the barbecue on the veranda which has been covered and unused for a whole fecking year.

As a Dubliner you know it, and you know well. You live with the rain and get on with it. But as a tourist it’s hard work. A rainy day would destroy a holiday on the beach, but in Dublin you’ll be fine, …so long as you take our much needed advice on how to enjoy the rainier days.

Trinity College

Because it’s warm, incredibly huge and it’s the oldest university in Ireland (1592). The 65 meters Long Room Library is magnificent and almost has 4,5 million books. Plus, it’s a great spot for your clothes to dry.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

If you’re close enough to St Patrick’s Cathedral, you have to visit it! The National Cathedral of Dublin is one of the most famous Dublin’s attractions. It was built between 1220 and 1260. It is only a €6 visit per person. You will have plenty of space to drip and create your own puddle as you dry off since it is the biggest Cathedral of Ireland.

Dublin Castle

Why not. You’re already wet and miserable. The Castle is actually a good, not too expensive visit, and worth getting off your list on a rainy day. It is disappointingly modern on the inside, but the guided tours give a nice insight into it’s history. Last time we checked – it is €4.50 for adults, €3 for students and seniors, €2 for under 12 yo. Inside the Castle is a nice restaurant/cafe, and there’s a good selection of coffee shops nearby like ‘BitterSweet‘ on Dame Street.

Kilmainham Gaol

If it’s raining, why not go to Ireland’s most famous jail? Kilmainham Gaol is definitely worth visiting (and many thrilled people agree on that according to tripadvisor). This place is now famous for as the jailhouse for the easter rising rebels who were executed here. Kilmainham Gaol is steeped in history and you will easily be able to imagine the fates of the rebels as you visit the many cells.

Other Museums, and Attractions

Epic Ireland has recently opened in the massive CHQ building next to George’s dock. This very unique experience details stories of the large number of Irish Diaspora who have gone on to achieve amazing things elsewhere. Epic Ireland goes a long way to highlight Irish emigration, and in the CHQ building offers a number of great eateries, as well as the expensive Ely Bar. Additionally the CHQ building is connected to the rest of Dublin by the Luas line, making it easy to get to while staying out of the rain!

Go Shopping

Still raining? You can go for a shopping splurge and buy some new dry clothes. The question is where can you go change out your soggy pants? There is Jervis Shopping Centre, Dundrum Town Centre with 120 shops but also Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre and Powerscourt Townhouse Centre. The latter offers a more up market shopping experience where you can find the more affluent Dubliners posing in boutiques and cafes.

Hit The Pints

You don’t have to be near Temple Bar to enjoy a pint out of the rain. That’s because Dublin seems to have a warm snug pub on every corner to cater for all the wet (or lost) tourists, as well as our funniest and friendliest alcoholics. Don’t worry if you’re not inclined towards enjoying the wonders of Guinness. Dublin pubs typically offer great hot chocolates, Irish coffees, teas, and much more. So, you’ll have plenty of options while you dry off.

After three or four pints of Guinness you won’t give a flying feck what’s going on outside.

Breakfast Anytime

The breakfast at ‘Odessa’ located in Dame Court is possibly the best in Ireland. There’s also ‘Viola‘ on the south-side of St. Stephen’s Green. But generally speaking there are plenty of options for the world’s most unhealthy breakfast, also known as the ‘Full Irish Breakfast‘. Don’t worry about how many different types of meat you’re eating, tick it off your list and jog it off later.

Other eating suggestions for rainy days in Dublin:

The Pepper Pot – Have an Irish whiskey with a pecan tart served on kitsch crockery or even a homemade raspberry jam, pumpkin seed bread with local cream cheese and Burren smoked salmon.

The Woollen Mills – Lower Ormond Quay is great value and a yummy restaurant where you can try a beef cheek burger or other modern dishes.

Now you’re either ready for the likelihood that it will rain – or you read this while it was raining and the clouds have already parted ways majestically simply because you chose to visit