Star Wars Set to Film in Dublin’s Dolphins Barn

darth vader in dolphins barn

Hot on the heels of Sceilig Mhichíl featuring in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, new reports suggest that the second instalment of the trilogy will return to Ireland this May to shoot scenes in Dublin’s Dolphin’s Barn.

Journalists from local paper The Barn Bugle report seeing scouts from Lucas Film and Disney in the area with one source saying they spotted Luke Skywalker himself nipping in to local pub “The Barn House” for a quick piss.

Spoiler Alert

Hollywood Insiders report the area will be used as a location for Darth Vader’s “difficult”  teenage years when he started bunking off school to go on the rob and fell in with a bad crowd selling 10 spots of hash over in Drimnagh.

The film, which has been given the working title Star Wars: Story ‘Bud?, is set to generate millions for the local economy with hoteliers already jacking up room rates by 300% in anticipation of the gullible showbiz types.

One local Peggy Mc Gee said “shure it’s great for the area wha’ whi’ nuttin’ to do fer ‘de childern n’ all, n’ shure what are de’ bleedin’ government doin’ about ‘dis ‘dat n’ de udder?’” as she threw a black bin bag on the street.

It is believed location scouts were drawn to the area’s grittiness and were looking for a suitable post apocalyptic backdrop as a setting with Dublin narrowly beating downtown Falluja to top spot.