The Irish Whiskey Museum – Things To Do In Dublin

Irish Whiskey - Dublin

The Emerald Isle is world-famous for three main things, four if you include the lousy weather.

Taking his spot at number one, the legendary Saint Patrick. Although Ireland has produced numerous other saints, including St. Kevin, it is Saint Paddy who is most often remembered. Who can forget the tale of this Catholic icon chasing the snakes out of Ireland? So popular is St. Pat that he has his own special day. Every country throughout the English speaking world celebrates St Patrick’s Day. It’s a fabulous excuse to dress in green, look for four leafed clovers and get rip-roaring drunk.

At number two are the Irish themselves. Fierce, patriotic and not to be trifled with. Their men love a good fight and their women are incredibly beautiful creatures. Sometimes orange creatures. But mostly, the Irish have earned the reputation of being completely daft. Why,I do not know. Some believe it is the lousy weather that makes them so, others blame it on years of British rule. Rather than allowing others to mock them with petty insults, the Irish acknowledge it. Being daft is no crime and so they celebrate it; poking fun at themselves with a never ending supply of hilarious Paddy and Mick jokes.

And of course – that whiskey!

Last, but certainly not least, the Irish are famous for Irish whiskey. If you enjoy good tipple, nothing beats it. No other nation on earth has managed to come up with anything half as good. The Scots gave it their bravest best. They managed to distil something between horse urine and rose petal tea. If you are a whiskey connoisseur, Irish is the way to go. Then again, if you were a whiskey connoisseur you’d know that already. With so many excellent brand choices to be made, from Jameson’s to Teeling, where does one begin?

At the Irish whiskey museum of course! You don’t need to be a whiskey drinker to enjoy this landmark attraction. If you are looking for things to do in Dublin, the Irish whiskey museum is a definite must. An Irish tour guide, daft as they come, will entertain you with humorous anecdotes detailing the origins of Irish whiskey. An interesting selection of whiskey memorabilia, from the early 1800’s through to more modern times, is on display.

6298735118_a4b7e037bb_oHistory lessons and memorabilia aside, the Irish whiskey museum offers visitors the opportunity to partake in a whiskey tasting experience. This alone is what draws so many visitors. Here you will learn how to identify the various flavours and subtle nuances that make Irish whiskey so damn fine. The option to upgrade to a VIP ticket, where you get to sample some exclusive and truly premium Irish whiskey, is highly recommended. You won’t be disappointed. The VIP option includes a quality souvenir, giving the upgrade even more bang for your buck.

The café bar at the Irish whiskey museum has a unique selection of the country’s premium whiskeys. It overlooks the magnificent grounds of Trinity College. No other venue in Ireland is able to offer such a unique cultural experience. Check it out. Relax over an Irish coffee or sample any number of delicious Irish whiskey cocktails. You’d be daft not to.


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