The Ultimate List Of The Best Beer Gardens In Dublin

beer garden dublin

There is no finer place on earth to be on the beer than Dublin. Combine that with sunshine and you have the ingredients for a perfect session. So without further ado, and in no particular order here is The Ultimate List Of The Best Beer Gardens In Dublin…


An auld lad’s boozer (on the inside) that recently transformed into one of the best outdoor drinking areas in Dublin. It’s amazing what a load of tatty old furniture chucked into a derelict space can do.

Beer Garden Dublin Beer Garden Dublin







The Long Stone

A central location (right beside Pearse St Cop Shop) and a big beer garden make this a perfect place for inner city drinking. Combined with a pool table, lots of seating and affordable bar bites, this place ticks all the boxes.

Beer Garden Dublin







The Living Room

Located on Cathal Bruagh Street this beer garden is huge. It’s actually shared with Fibber McGee’s on Parnell Street and when the sun’s out there is possibly no better place to watch a game on the big screen. Ideal for World Cup matches, Euro’s and just drinking with your mates. Pitchers specials and affordable platters of tasty, deep fried, artery clogging bar bites make this a winner for me.

Beer Garden Dublin









It’s huge, it’s had a makeover and it’s heaving at the weekends. BBQ specials make this a big draw on hot summer nights. Located at the top of Harcourt Street.

Beer Garden Dublin







Very trendy (wanky) if that’s your thing, it’s got a laid back vibe and looks great. Located at the bottom of Leeson Street.

Beer Garden Dublin Beer Garden Dublin









The Barge

Fresh from a makeover (lick of paint & new beermats) the Barge is synonymous with outdoor drinking and is one of the best things to do in Dublin. As soon as there’s a hint of sun, it’s an obvious port of call. Not really a beer garden though, it’s more of a “let’s stand beside the canal” thing. Top tip* Buy your cans in the Mace down the road and just use the pub jax for a piss.

beer garden dublin

The Bernard Shaw

Big Blue Bus (yummy pizza), pool table and good tunes make this a cracking place for drinking in the sun. It get’s pretty packed these days but it’s packed for a good reason. Located on South William Street. The Pav Is it a beer garden? Well, technically it’s a big garden, and you drink beer, so yes, it is a beer garden. In fact it’s easily the biggest beer garden in Dublin. And oh yes, they play cricket there. Located in Trinity College.

Beer Garden Dublin








Hard to believe this one is located in D4. Still one of the cheapest beers in Dublin, you might expect the owner to fleece his well heeled clientele. Fair play to him. Located on just off Haddington road, Ryans of Beggars Bush is a (not so) well kept secret.

Beer Garden Dublin






The Church

A beautifully restored church (hence the name) this place lay idle for many years, until somebody had the bright idea to turn back into a modern day place of worship. Lovely on the inside, even lovelier on the outside. Located at the junction of Mary St and Jervis.

Beer Garden Dublin








The Odeon

Located at the top of Harcourt Street, the Odeon attracts an after work crowd mostly. It’s pretty much dead outside of Thursdays and Fridays. The beer garden is a bit on the small side, but as it catches some sun, it still counts.

Beer Garden Dublin






The Horse Show House

Located in Ballsbridge across the road from the RDS, this is a popular spot with drinkers before and after matches in Landsdowne (or whatever it’s called. Is i the Three?) Road stadium. McGrattans Located down a lane off Merrion Street, this is a little gem tucked away behind the main thoroughfares of Leeson St and Merrion Square. It nicely done up inside and even better on the outside when the sun is out. A bit more of an upmarket beer garden.

Beer Garden Dublin








This is a great beer garden if you are out Malahide way. Beautiful little pub with character, nice guinness and even better cider. I mean who drinks Guinness in the sun….Ewwwwww

Beer Garden Dublin







Harry Byrnes

Clontarf is great on a sunny day. Located just off the Howth Road this is an idyllic spot for drinking beer in  the sun. Hanging baskets, sunshine and cider. Perfect…..

Beer Garden Dublin






Ranelagh is packed full of good pubs, but relatively few good beer gardens. This is one of the better ones. And if you don’t like it, you can always pop next door to Humphreys.

Beer Garden Dublin








Ranelagh is packed full of good pubs, but relatively few good beer gardens. This is one of the better ones. And if you don’t like it, you can always pop next door to Smyths.

Beer Garden Dublin






O Neills

Technically, it’s an outdoor drinking area, but to class it as a beer garden would be pushing it. It does get some sun, but it’s more of a smoking area on the roof (in the shade) Located on Suffolk Street

Beer Garden Dublin







Dicey’s Garden

It’s pushing it to say this is a beer garden, but if O’Neills makes it in the list, then so does Diceys. It’s more of an outdoor drinking area. Good tunes and drink specials make this a popular spot. Located on Harcourt Street.

Beer Garden Dublin







The Marker

S(wanky) hotel located in Grand Canal Square. Given away by NAMA (you and me) for a pittance to a hedge fund. Now s(wankers) sip ice cold cocktails and spit off the roof at the hoi-polloi beneath (you and me). It’s a beautiful building though.

Beer Garden Dublin







The Blue Light

Located in the foothills of the Dublin mountains this beer garden is more of a car park for overlooking the city. Great spot to sip beers with your mates and try to spot your ma’s house. Remember, never ever drink and drive (too much).

blue light







It’s in Temple Bar! Wow. The one and only pub on this list that sits in the tourist trap of Temple Bar. And it’s probably the worst pub in Temple Bar. But it does have a rooftop beer garden.

Beer Garden Dublin








After work crowds spill into and out of this place on a sunny day. A top spot to quench your thirst and talk shite over cider. Located in the CHQ building near the IFSC.

Beer Garden Dublin









The Hop House

Located just off Parnell Street, this one is one of the lesser known beer gardens in Dublin and I’d like to keep it that way. In fact I’m reluctant to tell you about it as I don’t want it spoiled. So let’s just leave it at that shall we….

Beer Garden Dublin






Located on King Street in Smithfield this is an excellent little beer garden. Unknown by most but the locals, it’s a gem if you manage to get one of the benches It’s not the biggest beer garden but when the sun’s out it’s certainly one of the better ones

Beer Garden Dublin







And lastly,

The ?

located near Christ Church

This one I’m keeping for myself. Nuff said……

There are almost 1000 bars in Dublin so there are surely more examples of decent beer gardens Let us know in the comments oand if you like then please share.