Buying a Used Car in Dublin – Top Buys Guide

Audi - Second hand cars - rained on in Dublin

Buying a car can become rather overwhelming, especially when you’re shopping around for used cars in Ireland. There’s so much choice and it can be a hard to have confidence in what you’re looking at. Each car market is very different, and the Irish have different tastes than other countries. Audi, and Volkswagen are two very popular brands specifically in Ireland. While Ford and Kia’s popularity has recently increased quite dramatically. But not all brands are equal, and this is important when shopping around for second-hand cars in and around Dublin. This is why we have created a collection of five popular car models with a car for everyone in it. These show the most popular models across the English speaking world. So see what everyone else is doing and take some inspiration from it. At least you have a starting point.

The Volkswagen Golf

Used Cars - Volkswagen GolfWho wouldn’t want a good Volkswagen in their possession? It is a compact middleclass car that suits almost every family and their needs. It actually is the second most produced car in the world, so it may not be the best choice for anyone who wants to be totally unique. The newly produced golf-cars are a lot more spacious then it’s ancestors and is the perfect choice for a family with children. All of the editions have air-conditioning and electric-operated windows. So there is plenty of luxury to enjoy in this well-working affordable diesel car.

The Ford Focus

Used Cars - Ford FocusJust like the Volkswagen Golf, the Ford Focus is a true family car which is both fun to drive and pleasant to look at. When you have a family then this again may be a car to consider, and if even if you don’t have a family this could be your car. The newer versions have all the luxuries that you would want in a car, and the Ford Focus comes in multiple varieties. They both have the more frugal petrol cars but also sell bigger more luxurious cars. They even sell an electric model, which may just be the right choice for someone looking for an eco-friendly car.

The Ford Fiesta

Used Cars - Ford FiestaJust the name of the car already makes it sound so much more fun. The Ford Fiesta is one of the more popular small cars available on the market. And this isn’t just because, they are incredibly enjoyable to drive. So when you don’t have a big family and only need a small car this might just be the car for you. It is one of the best small and affordable cars on the market, yet the details put into this car and of great quality. This is why I recommend you to at least consider this car, you might fall in love with it.

The BMW1-series

I used to wonder if BMW was more of a status symbol than value, but the 1 series has changed the perception of value for money when it comes to BMW. These amazing cars aren’t known for their space, but there not too small either. The boot is spacious enough and there is enough space for your legs, what else do you need when you don’t have a big family. The car has a more sporty vibe to it and the car can be put into a mode that makes the way you drive feel even more sporty. A perfect car for younger people with a smaller budget.

The Audi A3

Audi doesn’t create a complete new car every year, they build on what they already have. They update their cars every year, and the A3 isn’t an exception to the rule. The difference in this third generation is that has a little more gadgets than the cars that came before it, which gives driving the Audi A3 a more premium feel. This car is a little more expensive than the other cars we named, but you can still find a good deal when you buy it second-hand. So when you have a little more to spend the Audi A3 is definitely a car to look into.

Those were a couple of the most popular models you can buy second-hand. Luckily for you, the largest car dealer network in Ireland, Joe Duffy group sells all of these models. Good luck with your car shopping, and remember to keep looking until you find the car of your dreams.